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  • Surgery: (01) 288 1425
  • Out of hours: (01) 453 9333

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your opening hours?
The Gleneagle Clinic is open from 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday
Do you see patients outside these hours? What about Saturdays?
We do see patients non-routinely outside these hours. We do not offer advance appointments on a Saturday, but if you phone us on Saturday morning we will often arrange to see you later that day, if possible.
What are your fees?
A standard GP visit is 60 Euro.
Who provides your out-of-hours service?
We try to facilitate patients as far as possible, but when we are not available, the service is provided by Doctor on Duty on 01 453 9333.
I have heard of BioBalance, or I attended there. Is this the same thing?
Yes, BioBalance is simply a trading name we used to use for the nutrient therapy. The same service is offered in the Gleneagle Clinic by the same doctors.
I attended BioBalance in Grafton Street. Should I go back there?
No, we no longer operate from Grafton Street. The Glenagle Clinic is based near Blackrock, County Dublin.See our location page for details.
If I am coming for Nutrient Therapy testing, do I have to fast?
No, you do not have to fast for the tests. The specific tests we use do not require you to do so.
I am taking nutrients already. I want to get tested for methylation. What should I do?
You should stop taking all nutrient supplements 48 hours before the test. You should continue to take any medications you normally take.
How much does the nutrient testing cost?
The testing involves FedEx transport of samples to Illinois, USA. The total cost, including the follow-up visit, is 400 Euro.This is 500 Euro for a non-Irish national. We try to offer a reduction for medical card patients, but this is not always possible. We can discuss this with you prior to testing.
How much do the nutrients usually cost?
We do not supply the nutrients. They can be obtained from local health food stores or from recommended sources online. Generally, the cost is less than 40 Euros a month, for good quality sources.
How much does an appointment for Low Dose Naltrexone cost?
An appointment for this is 65 Euros. Again, we endeavour to offer a reduction to those with a medical card, but it is not always possible to do so. This can be discussed on the phone prior to attending.