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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue / ME is a real and disabling condition that we at the Gleneagle Clinic are very familiar with. It tends to start in the teenage years, often with a viral illness from which the patient never completely recovers.

Symptoms include poor and unrefreshing sleep despite long hours spent resting, exhaustion, poor concentration and cognitive function, inability to attend school or work due to tiredness and these are often very debilitating.

The root cause is widely considered to be mitochondrial in nature, which is the part of the cell where ATP or energy is made. This leads to poor energy levels and a myriad of symptoms stemming from that. Of note is that a lot of these patients are testing positive abroad for intracellular pathogens such as Lyme Disease, and this is an area that requires more research.

It is believed that viruses or bacteria and an abnormal immune response can trigger the defective mitochondrial function, leading to the clinical syndrome of ME.

At this clinic, we offer a holistic approach to ME, and we have read extensively as well as being exposed to a large patient base.

We have a regime that often helps to provide relief of symptoms and are fully able to interpret laboratory results or refer as appropriate. This is an area that is under-served by medicine and we are keen to help these patients who we see as genuine and suffering from a very significant illness.

Just because there is uncertainty about the cause does not mean that it is a psychological condition and we endeavour to investigate fully, treat or refer as required.